Monday, March 28, 2011


It's been interesting.......but I've been way too 'closed up' with this blog.  Time to move on.....but I'll leave this here for nostalgic reasons.

Now moved to

So it's not really 'aurevoir'........see u on 'the other side'.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

From Junk To Funk

A whopper of a storm blew into Bangkok this morning.  It was POUNDING down outside (I forgot how much more dramatic storms are from beneath a tin roof!)  Trust me, it was wild.  If this blog post had sound effects you'd be worried for me!
Anywaaaay, I was going to spend the day indoors feeling guilt free about not going out - because rainy days do that.  But instead I went to my friend's house and helped him turn a 1970's truck windscreen he picked up for free at a scrap metal yard here in Bangkok, into a tres cool retro coffee table!

First we laid the windscreen (windshield) on a small table (while I shoved pineapple down my throat apparently).

Then we soaked the old bits of glue and shit, from old stickers that had been on there, with boiling water-soaked rags and followed that with a good scrub and scrape with a couple of razor blades.  
Menu, the lady who sells Somtum's daughter, watched intently whilst sucking on a dirty 20baht note.
And now it's standing to dry, all clean and sparkly!

Pictures by Liam Morgan

I'll post the finished product after my friend's finished making the stand.  We're having visuals of a golden gun laying on it though, with a jar of Nutella beside it.  Yes, we are having rather pimp visions.  Aren't you?

AND HERE'S (nearly) THE FINISHED PRODUCT!!!  Well.....he has to build the stand yet....but not bad for a start INNIT!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Quote of the Week Ya Freak!

Ok, so I told you about the pharmacy already.
I had to go back......multiple times......for various things.  You know how it is - one thing goes and the rest shits the bed along with it!
Anyway, so I'm going to translate the conversation I had with the pharmacist in Thai, to English:


M: Hi, can I have something soothing to suck (ahem).
P:  Yes, here you are.  And why do you live around here?  Why don't you live in the nice part of town?
M: I like it here, and it's cheaper than where all the other expats live.
P:  But, there are so many people doing bad things here.
M: Ummm, oh, you mean the prostitues?
P:  No, they're earning honest cash.  They're not a problem.  I mean the people who take drugs.
M: Oh?  Well, I don't really see them and I don't care either.  You get that in any city.
      I really don't see them - I think you're a bit too worried about me.  I'm really fine!  I love it here!
P:  But, you do know you live in a phhrrrrbbbrrrmingbingbong, don't you?
M: Sorry, I don't understand that word.  What do you mean?

Then the pharmacist fetched her daughter who could speak English and this is also where THE QUOTE OF THE DAY comes into this blabber:

PD: You know, you live in a SLUM.

This actually made my week!
In truth, I do live in a poorer area of Bangkok called Thonburi.  I live near Wongwian Yai, which translates as "Big roundabout" and there is one.  It's MASSIVE.  Granted, we don't have the Versace stores, Starbucks or overpriced fried rice you can get on the other side of the river from me - but you can take a river taxi, which is not only a very reasonable (shit cheap) 10 baht, but also makes you feel like you're taking part in a Bruce Lee movie and you don't get stuck in any of the city's traffic jams, not to mention the breeze!
But, I have to say, I love it over here!  It's literally 10 minutes from the centre.  I live in the middle of a Muslim (southern), Isaan and Chinese neighborhood and reep the benefits of this when it comes to culture and cuisine that's cooked with loving care, rather than the heartless food that's chugged out for the millions of drunk people passing through on their whirlwind tour of S.E. Asia.

So ghetto or not, I love it SICK!  I've never felt more safe nor welcome than I do here.  It truly feels like home and therefore I am proud to say "I LOVE MY SLUM!"

Here are some pictures to show you why:

Monday, March 7, 2011

Goat Throat Pharmy Fun!

YUCK. I have goat throat.  A chest infection.  Since I had pneumonia a couple of years ago in Taiwan, someone only has to so much as sniffle near me and I end up sick as a fuckin.....sick person.
I went to the pharmacy yesterday (same thing as going to the doctors here only cheaper and more fun!) and Aunty Pharmy threw a bunch of antibiotics at me and some Thai things that you suck and they numb your mouth.  They're in a packet with a giraffe on them, so I can make a visual connection there - BONUS!  Long neck - throat - throat sweets!  TA-DAAA!!!   I can't tell you how second nature it's become to just accept whatever pills they throw at me and to just shove them down my throat as I'm directed to do.  Sometimes it's in a language I understand (Thai for example) but sometimes it's not and I have to decide what the numbers and marks mean that the pharmy scribbled on the bag they gave them to me in.
"Aaaaaah, yes, one tablet twice a day.  Or is that the date?  Or could that be the price?  Oh fuck it, I'll just take TWO." and ignore the little voice in the back of my head that says "Oh let them have codeine in them as an added treat!"

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The 'Kok

Yep!  So here I am.  Finally settled in Bangkok after a month of hell in Nha Trang (Vietnam) and a lovely visit to Singapore.  I can't write much at the moment as I'm still waiting for the internet to be blessed upon my recently acquired 'shack'.  But for now I'll give you some visuals so you can make your own assumptions as to what I'm up to!